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Banbury’s economy is based on a highly diverse industry ranging from small family-run businesses to large multinational corporations such as the Mondelez International which built its largest coffee factory in Banbury. As a result, business travellers account for nearly one half of all overnights at our hotel which besides the highest quality accommodation and service also offers the best location possible as it is located in the very town centre. Butterfly Hotel in Banbury was one of the first hotels in our chain to open its door.


Banbury is located on the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire. It developed at what used to be an intersection of two very important roads. One was the Salt Way which, like its name reveals, was used for salt transport, while the second one was the so-called Banbury Lane that started at Northampton and roughly ran along today’s road that connects the two towns. Northampton is thus 28 miles away, while Oxford is 29 miles south, Coventry 33 miles north, Birmingham 52 miles north-west, and London 78 miles south-east. The nearest airport providing a link to both domestic and international destinations is the Birmingham Airport which is 40 miles north-west.

Since 1778, Banbury is also connected with Oxford by the Oxford Canal.

A Brief History

The name of the town suggests that it developed from an early Middle Ages Saxon settlement. Recent archaeological finds, however, confirm not only human activity in the area but the existence of a settlement as early as the 2nd century BC, while excavations at the Wykham Park also uncovered the remains of a Roman villa. Either way, the modern town of Banbury has its origins in the Saxon settlement on the west bank of the River Cherwell. On the left bank, there was the village of Grimsbury which was an independent settlement until the late 1880s when it became a part of Banbury.

Since the 16th century, the town is famous for the Banbury cake which was initially available only in Banbury and its recipe was a top secret. Eventually, it also became available elsewhere and was even exported to as distant countries as America, India and Australia.

Attractions and Things to See/Do

Banbury is a charming town with plenty of things to see and do. Some of the visitors’ favourites in the town and nearby include the Banbury Museum, Banbury Castle, Broughton Castle, Upton House, Sulgrave Manor, The Canal and the Tooley’s Boatyard, to mention only a few.