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Our hotel in Corby welcomes both business and leisure travellers. Just like other Butterfly Hotels, it provides comfortable accommodation and all the necessities to make visit to Corby as enjoyable and convenient as possible. Speaking about convenience, our guests enjoy easy access to the town centre which is only a few minute walk away.


The town of Corby is located about 23 miles north-east of Northampton. London is about 90 miles away, while Birmingham is 62 miles west of the town. The Northampton Airport is the closest airport, while the closest international airport is the Birmingham Airport which is less than an hour drive from the town centre.

A Brief History

Archaeological finds in and nearby Corby reveal that the site has been inhabited as early as the Bronze Age. Permanent settlement, however, has been dated only to the 8th century. It was created by the 8th century Danish invaders and was originally called Kori’s. This settlement also appears in the 11th century Domesday Book which, however, mentions it as Corbei.

In the 1560s, Queen Elizabeth I (r. 1558-1603) granted the village a charter according to which the landowners were freed from tolls and dues, while all men were given the right to reject service in local militia. Legend has it that the Queen did so in gratitude to the villagers for rescuing her after a horse accident/getting stuck in a bog while hunting in the nearby Rockingham Forest. According to another version, the Queen granted the charter to Corby as a gift to Sir Christopher Hatton (1540-1591) who was rumoured to be her lover.

For much of its history, Corby was a small and quiet village. That would change after the arrival of the railway in the 19th century and most notably, the establishment of ironstone works in the early 20th century. By the late 1930s, the small village grew into a sizable industrial town, while the population grew from 1,500 to approximately 12,000. Population growth continued until the late 1960s when the iron and steel industries began to decline. They were eventually replaced by other sectors but the town didn’t fully recover until the early 1990s.

Attractions and Things to See/Do

There is quite a lot to see and do in Corby and nearby. The town offers all the usual urban attractions including museums, art galleries, performing arts, fine dining,… There is something to suit all tastes and preferences.