How to choose your future home? 

There are many ways according to which you can choose the home. Let’s talk some more in detail on the preferences and the main categories according to which people can choose their future home.

Main categories according to which people generally choose their future home:

1.) Financial

There are tons of homes available on the market no matter we are talking about apartments, penthouses, houses or villas. But we both know there is oftentimes a large gap between what we would like and what we can afford to buy. Therefore the financial preferences are definitely on the first place for the large majority of the buyers and all the rest, as well as situation or comfort comes in the second or third place. Indeed most people can only go as far as what they can afford and not everyone wants to such a large responsibility as a 20-30 year long credit or mortgage on the house. When it comes to credits, what we suggest for everyone is check for credits where the future home owner has the cover to cover 30-50% of the total amount. This way, there is a way lower sum to pay back every month.

2.) Actual situation

No matter it’s about a city, a district an area with specific attributes ( good view, hillside, park-side or river-side) we all do have our list of attributes when it comes to where we would like our future home to be located. Then there is the question of how much of that we can afford and how well we can compromise. It’s a fact that the nicer the location, the higher the price. However, once you can dedicate money to the home which is located exactly where you would like it to be, that’s will be like a dream come true. Our tip is to rather to wait a bit longer, just to get the home with the location you would like it to have than making compromises and not being fully happy with your new home.

3.) Comfort

On comfort we mean, that there are many people who have specific needs according to which they are looking for a home: this can be anything from definitely wanting a spacious living room area, or needing 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. There are always specifics for everyone according to which they are looking for a home. For some, these are even more important than the actual situation of the house. Therefore this is an important attribute which must be taken into consideration.

4.) Investment

It’s great to buy ourselves a home but how much will it be worth in ten years? At times it is hard to say, but if the house is located in a good area and has qualities which will not erode with time (sea-view for instance) then we can be sure that even when it comes to selling a home after a while it will be a good business. There are also up and coming areas in every city where it’s definitely a good investment to buy a home. These are the main ways according to which we choose our future home. We suggest everyone to prepare a list noting down their expectations on each one of these attributes and then start their search for their future home.